10 Reasons Why Indoor Digital Advertising Is Effective

Builds Brand Awareness

In order to create brand awareness, you must consistently place the right message in places where the right people can see it. Indoor Digital Advertising can create brand awareness by putting the right message in front of the right people. Also, since Indoor Digital Advertising cannot be turned off or “avoided”, it’s a powerful medium for building brand awareness by consistently displaying a company’s message.

Reaches the Right Geographic Area

In order to gain market share in a specific geographic area, businesses must find creative ways to target the areas where there is opportunity to expand. Indoor Digital Advertising allows a business to advertise in locations that reach specific geographic areas where they are attempting to gain market share, and place targeted advertisements in those areas.

Reaches a Captive Audience

Indoor digital advertising screens are located in venues with an identifiable audience that can be measured. The most common way of measuring the audience is through “Dwell Time”. Dwell time is the measure of how long someone remains in a specific area. By identifying the Dwell Time of your target audience, an advertiser can determine the number of brand impressions they are able to deliver to that captive audience, thereby generating a metric that can be used to determine advertising reach.


Digital media offers an innovative approach to branding a business and gives advertisers a platform to display original ideas and creative concepts. The technological features and allure of indoor digital advertising position an advertiser as forward-thinking and advanced, which makes them a more desirable brand among its potential customer base. The technological features and benefits of indoor digital advertising far outweigh those of traditional media, which tend to be slow, fragmented and un-original.

Viewership is High

Reaching a large number of potential customers is important in a campaign, but so is reaching the right consumers. By placing a brand’s message in restaurants and gym venues, businesses will be reaching in excess of 200 people per day per venue which offers an opportunity to reach the masses and target a specific demographic with a campaign. Indoor digital advertising gives advertisers the ability to reach the right people at the right place at the right time.

Reaches the Right Demographic

Because Indoor Digital Advertising displays can be placed virtually anywhere, businesses can pick and choose specific locations which cater to the demographic that is most important for their business. Whether it’s a specific gender or age group, each demographic has preferences when it comes to where they spend their time, and Indoor Digital Advertising allows a business to put their ads in front of their potential customers.


Offers Total Flexibility

With Indoor Digital Advertising, you can run multiple messages on the same display, and change those messages frequently to ensure your advertising is always relevant. Due to the digital nature of Indoor Digital Advertising, copy changes that used to require lead time and costly printing can now be done faster and less expensive than ever before!


When identifying media products to invest your advertising budget on, Return on Investment (ROI) deserves great consideration. Due to its low price point and cost per impression, indoor digital advertising is an economical choice for any company and can drive value for pennies per spot. With advertising packages starting under $99 per month and a cost per thousand less than most other media products, an indoor advertising campaign investment can go further and increase your ROI.

Engagement with Viewers

Because of long dwell times and technological advantages of indoor digital advertising, consumer engagement with the product is high. Consumer engagement is the level of interaction consumers have with a product and the goal of any campaign should be to increase time spent with a businesses’ brand. Leveraging indoor advertising’s features and running social media or text campaigns on the displays is an effective way to help capture an audience and increase the likelihood of a consumer interacting with your brand.



Indoor digital advertising offers businesses the opportunity to customize their pricing and advertising locations without boxing them into a specific package. What this means is that businesses can choose the pricing package that fits its specific budget without the requirement of over spending or advertising to the incorrect customer.